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Tom Lanseer
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Tom Lanseer is the Black Belt Captain of the US Karate Team, and a leader in his own right. His motivational speaches encourage others to break through obstacles the same way he breaks through stacks of boards and bricks.

From the opening moment when Tom Lanseer smashes a stack of boards into pieces with his bare hands, to the dramatic conclusion when he teaches one of your own team how to put their fist through a solid, inch-thick hunk of wood... It's all about Believing in Yourself!

Take on life's challenges with an inner strength that breaks through fear and doubt, a mental toughness that overcomes adversity and an unshakeable belief in your ability to succeed...Personally and Professionally.

Tom captures your heart and mind right from the start and never lets go. One minute you think you're watching Bruce Lee in action, the next you're mesmerized by the wit and wisdom of a natural born storyteller. You'll even catch Tom laughing at himself every once in awhile. And before long, it's like you're having a personal conversation with someone who really relates to the challenges you face everyday.

And what a combination of talent Tom is. He's a Teacher of the Year - so you're sure to learn something. He's also a Black Belt and the former Captain of the US Karate Team... winners of the Pan-American Championship. Tom's a Salesman of the Year who earned top honors his first year on the job. He's served as a consultant on motion pictures ranging from Manhunter to Robo Cop and as an advisor to the Grammy winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. He's an award winning poet, a monthly business columnist and is currently hard at work on his first book... You'll See It When You Believe It - The Mental Side of the Game! 

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Breaking Barriers... It's the Mental Side of the Game
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