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Tim Clue
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    Tim Clue’s work behind the lectern is out in front. Dynamic, motivational, inspirational, and with a razor sharp wit, Tim is smart without snark. His high-powered performing skills provide the customized and corporate-friendly delivery system that is sure to be the hit of any event. Not only a humorous speaker, Tim puts together an original, highly interactive show that integrates his clients’ messages and culture with his humor, making for an unforgettable night. The client chooses the idea, theme or initiative they need highlighted and driven home, and Tim will seamlessly integrate it into his presentation.


    Before he was a stand-up comedian, Tim Clue was a professor of communications and theater with an emphasis on speech and rhetoric. As a comedic writer, Tim premiered a sitcom pilot at the Chicago Comedy Festival and has a hit stage comedy entitled “Leaving Iowa” that ran for a year in Chicago to rave reviews and is now published, being performed in hundreds of theaters around the country.


    It is all of these experiences, his improv skills from his Second City training, and his ability to quickly and easily customize inventive content for different audiences that have made Tim one of the most requested corporate entertainers in the country today.


    The American Psychological Association says that research suggests humor produces psychological and physiological benefits that help us learn. And as a motivational corporate entertainer of 20 years, Tim often says that he believes this to be true: “If you want them to listen, tell them. If you want them to remember, make them laugh.”


    Here are just a few of the topics on which Tim’s clients have asked him to focus:


                * Teamwork and Trust

                * How to Motivate in Difficult Times

                * Attracting Great Talent to your Organization

                * Building an HL & IT “Brand” or “Image” (HL = Home Loans, IT = Insurance Technology)


    This professional comedian turned corporate entertainer has opened for Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Wright, and a former President of the United States. Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean, and adept at finding the pulse of your company and splicing it with his unique brand of high energy interactive humor, Tim will make your event stand up and stand out. Your CEO will wonder how you ever found this perfect fit.


    A favorite on XM and Sirius satellite radio and a viral hit on YouTube with his unique thoughts on Debt, Tim has effortlessly hit the funny bone for hundreds of top notch companies, such as motivating and entertaining at the Microsoft Office Conference, impressing the top brass at Caterpillar with his PowerPoint satire, and he has repeatedly consulted for Bombardier, makers of Ski-Doo watercraft, helping bring their product line to an international clientele at their annual conferences – just to name a few of the hundreds of thrilled clients Tim has entertained.


    Tim Clue is the ultimate post-Luncheon Re-Boot and Energizer Funny; before your break-outs, bring in this Low-Blood Sugar Buster to kick-start an energized and productive afternoon. Or finish the night on the right note with one of the funniest and most requested after dinner speakers in the country. Tim Clue is the perfect presentation sorbet who will leave clients and executives alike talking about your event for years.


    Be sure to check out the many different ways Tim can have an impact on your event, not the least of which is as a keynote speaker.


    Here are three of Tim’s most-requested keynote topics:



    “Key Communication Techniques for an Effective Workplace”

    An Adventure in Confidence, Communication and Camaraderie


    This is not your father’s keynote. Tim combines his skill as a professional comedian, writer, improviser, teacher and motivational speaker to create a one-of-a-kind experience that touches on key communication issues in the workplace today: technology, social media, organizational pain-points, and how to find space and save time when space and time don’t appear to exist anymore. Tim’s presentation reflects the velocity, energy and reality of our fast-paced technological era. Unpredictable, collaborative, lively, and – most of all – unforgettable.


    Providing true ROI for your company’s valuable time, resources and energy, Tim addresses communication issues in 2011 and beyond. This communication defrag is a re-energizing booster-shot covering a wide range of contemporary communication pain-points, such as:


    • Letterman is a pro – leave the sarcasm to him.
    • What’s the point of power if the PowerPoint is powerless?   
    • Talking up, down, and sideways: How to know when your tone is right, when it’s wrong,

    and when you shouldn’t care.


    These and other all-too-familiar issues will be addressed as Tim takes your group through the communication gauntlet. Tim's high-energy, fun and interactive style uncovers new answers to old problems and offers solutions for new challenges.



    “The Meaningless Meeting”

    The Keys to More Potent and Productive Meetings


    Too many meetings interrupting the work flow? Suffering from bullet point brain drain? The “meaningless meeting” is contributing to the stagnation of America’s productivity! But Tim Clue has the solution. Tim believes that meetings should be thought of as a company’s delicate circulatory system and that utilizing the straightforward tips in this highly interactive session will recharge the best meeting practices, bringing down your collective conference room cholesterol count.

    Leading his clients through an entertaining, engaging and up-tempo rethink, Tim will ensure that your next meeting isn’t a ho-hum, white-noise, Dilbert-doodling waste of time. This professor of communication-turned-comedian uses his diverse background to create a stimulating conversation that will kick Analysis Paralysis—and many other bad meeting habits—right to the curb. Tim explores how some companies can lose trust among their team members by unconsciously building a risk-adverse meeting template that diffuses, defers and paralyzes even the simplest of decisions and action steps.

    “The Meaningless Meeting” offers up elegantly simple take-a-ways that will help your people create and lead more potent and efficient gatherings.



     “The Unlikely Teacher”

    Life Lessons from a Bad Student


    Tim Clue was one of the most unlikely pupils to ever become a teacher. Challenged by dyslexia and ADHD as a young man, he overcame and earned his master’s degree in communication and theater, channeling his creativity into the classroom as a college-level teacher and speech coach, then onto the stage, spring-boarding him into a life of professional humor and instruction.


    Tim utilizes his decades as both a teacher and comedian to speak directly to educators’ angst over the key issues of our time. In this presentation, he focuses on the untraditional, the underestimated, and touches on the over-stressed relationships between teachers and students, administrators and parents. Now a published author, Tim has utilized his unique experiences to form new techniques to reach deep into the hearts and minds of all students, traditional and untraditional alike.


    Self-deprecating, bold and honest, Tim’s personal story is what makes this keynote rich with value and emotion. “The Unlikely Teacher” is a wonderful way to reward an audience in any educational field; a bone-splittingly funny keynote about an improbable instructor coming to understand his real power in the classroom.


    Tim has performed this keynote for in-services, convocations as well as at continuing education conferences.


    Those and other topics also make great Break-Out Sessions.

    And here are some of the other ways Tim can make your next event pop off the stage:


    Conference Host / Master of Ceremonies / Talk Show Facilitator


    Tim is the ultimate in “message multi-tasking.” Interviewing CEOs on stage, reinforcing messages, invigorating break-out sessions, Tim’s energy and improvisational skills are the comedic super-conductor to make your conference seamless and entertaining. Tim’s background as a communications professor explains his ability to be able to condense, distill and/or emphasize important messages that could be left behind.


    His training with Second City coupled with his 20 years in stand-up makes Tim the perfect MC; high energy, exceptionally interactive, and capable of making others’ mistakes look intentional, brilliant, or at least hilarious.


    Keep your CEO on message and looking great; give your managers a more natural and personable forum; make your IT people more interesting and, yes, even funny with the slick “talk show format.” A desk, some note cards, and a couple of microphones transform both message and messenger into a relaxed, entertaining and memorable presentation. Consult with Tim on variations on this theme.


    Breakout Session Speaker


    PowerPoint burn-out has set in and pupils are dilating… It’s time to bust-up your break-out with crack-up Tim Clue. Using his exclusive “energizer funny” techniques, his Second City training and professional writing experience, Tim can satirize and parody your “36 bullet points on core values,” or just provide a comedic oasis, reenergizing your group’s message-readiness with humor. Tim will put together an original, interactive session that integrates your messages and culture with his humor, making for an unforgettable seminar.


    Choose the message you need driven home and Tim will seamlessly integrate it into his presentation. Or, use him as an Imposter presenter. Tim has impersonated everyone from the "expert consultant" to the "new boss" and even a prestigious "trainer" brought in to teach a seminar. This highly customized comedy aerobics concept can also be used before or after your breakouts, preparing them for the heavy lifting, or providing the perfect comedic warm-down after a hard day of content-riddled sessions.


    Educational Motivator & Humorous Speaker/Facilitator


    “Interactive”  “Engaging”  “Dynamic”  “Bullseye” These are just some of the words used to describe Tim’s workshops. Using a combination of mini-lectures, role-playing, dynamic Q&A, and maybe even some stop-start video assessment, Tim and your group will come together in an unforgettable bonding and learning experience. It’s a shot-in-the-arm teaching moment filled with invaluable “ah-ha’s” when you need specific content, delivery systems or communication styles analyzed, improved and reinforced.


    Tim sees messaging and its impact on a variety of levels, and will provide your company, team, or breakout session attendees with a veritable treasure trove of methods and solutions to address any communication issue. Listen and learn incredibly effective and simple techniques that will make you a better speaker. Whatever level you are, this interactive presentation will give you specific action steps to make you a more confident and complete speaker.


    This is a highly entertaining seminar from a man with a masters of communication and theater, 10 years in the classroom teaching presentation skills, and 20+ years on stage making people laugh. Tim’s almost psychic ability to siphon out negative road blocks and to help clients rebuild their presentations is what makes him a stand-out in this area. His decades of on-the-ground communication training and experience make him an invaluable tool when putting together high-level presentations. As a published author and professional director, Tim is keenly aware of how to make every aspect of messaging pop and play perfectly to the audience. Whether it’s a product introduction, team-building event, conference or convention, Tim has helped countless presenters build and deliver impactful events with unforgettable messages, from brainstorm to post-mortem. It isn’t often that you can laugh this hard and learn so much. Perfect for convocations and educator conferences.


    Recent Client Comments:


    “Tim’s energy is infectious.”

    “He managed to cover a lot of ground in a focused, impactful way.”

    “A truly inspiring experience. Very helpful and insightful.”

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    A Specialist with Humor and Motivation

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