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Steve Boorstein
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    Steve Boorstein is a successful business owner, retired.

    He is also a stroke survivor, author, speaker and songwriter. An avid skier himself, Steve was “hit” by a snowboarder (that didn’t stop) on the ski slopes at Vail. The whiplash from the hit dissected his carotid artery. Months later, after a number of TIA’s, he underwent a “routine” stent procedure, surviving a major stroke on the operating table. 

    Doctors and therapists call his “ongoing” recovery from paralysis, vision loss and cognitive damage inspirational. His book, Different Strokes (Skyhorse Publishing 2011) details his experience, along with the stories of 20 other survivors, spouses and caregivers as they share intimate details of stroke, and life after stroke.  

    In his pre-stroke life, Steve hosted a national radio show, appeared as a guest on The View, and authored books and DVDs. He advocates for stroke awareness at hospitals and trade events. Steve is the father of two grown sons and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

    Steve Boorstein on Speaking … 
    Whether I am addressing a medical symposium or a retail or service industry, I’ll usually find an opportune time to say, “If I can do it, then you can, too!” 
    As a public speaker, and former owner of a multimillion-dollar business,  I led employees and teams for 25 years, until my semi-retirement in 2001. My vision of the “Golden Age of Customer Service” harks back to the olden days when people made careers out of serving—and they were great at it. My passion was contagious, as I shaped my business into one of the best in the United
    Inspiration and motivation are strong words. Most of us possess these qualities but haven't found a way to unlock that potential. Without guidance, it can take a lifetime to identify and realize these qualities on your own. So, how do you unleash this potential to make it work for you and your staff, in life and in work?
    I built a multimillion-dollar business, recovered from paralysis, and rose from the ashes. I had potential that I never even knew I had … so do you!  
    Yes, surviving a stroke, beating cancer, or rebounding from changes at work can be challenging: But, they can also bring the clarity of mind to help you reach your potential. I open my “tool box” to help you become strong and willful in life, so you can be strong and willful in the workplace, no matter the challenge.  
    Whether you’re a team leader, part of a team—or the founder with the original vision—you can apply these qualities and have them start working for you today.

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