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Sam Glenn is knowledgeable, inspirational, and entertaining. Having started a business from the nothing and lost it all and doing the same thing again, he now wants to teach others how to turn their obstacles into success through determination.

A great sense of humor, an inspirational message, and a mesmerizing ability to create on-stage drawings with colored chalk. These are the ingredients of Sam Glenn's unique and unexpected presentations before audience as large as 75,000 people. He describes the essence of his message by quoting a line from the movie "Shawshank Redemption:Get busy living, or get busy dying. He found himself confronting this choice after a business he'd started burned to the ground over night, leaving him with nothing. Depressed and dispirited, he took a job as a janitor and slept on borrowed floor space. Then, Phoenix-like, this 6'7" former college basketball star pulled himself back into the living side of life, building momentum through incremental changes in attitude and self confidence. Today, Sam Glenn is a highly sought after speaker whose numerous writings focus on one basic message: Attitude Counts! Customizing his presentation to the interests of his audience; and with the wit, artistry, and insight that make his on-stage presence so unique, Sam can show your audience how a freer more positive attitude can change the future for your business and everyone involved.

Over 1000 speeches, 600 standing ovations and one unforgettable message, Sam Glenn’s highly unique program, A Kick In The Attitude has wow’d more than two million people and audiences as large as 75,000 people!

Sam combines side-splitting humor and inspirational insights, coupled with a dramatic on-stage chalk art performance, which comes to life through a highly-unique multi-media show

The chalk art presentation, described as “mind-blowing,” was developed by Sam and his staff as a means of driving a client’s message home through a visual, large-scale presentation. Each picture is created within minutes as Sam “dances” and illustrates. 

Sam specializes in keynotes, banquets, conferences, special events, breakouts, kickoffs, closings, and more. Whether you want to remind your audience members of their value, or reinforce your event’s theme, Sam delivers with a bang. Each speech and picture is catered to your event’s theme. Bonus: Your group keeps the finished artwork!

Any meeting planner who has used Sam will attest… He is professional, effective, and the highlight of any event… Reviews regularly laud Sam as “the best speaker our group has ever had,” garnering him more than 500 standing ovations to date! 

Finding the Gift in Failure… 

Sam’s wisdom and stories are gleaned from his own life of successes and failures. A graduate from Xavier University on a full-ride basketball scholarship, Sam operated a business in a multi-million dollar international industry that was lost overnight in a fire. Riddled with depression and doubt, Sam worked as a nighttime janitor and slept on borrowed floor space. 

Through a series of personal events and changes, Sam nurtured dreams of affecting people’s lives, but faced criticism and challenge. As Sam states, “At 6’7”, I was a giant on the outside, but on the inside I was living small.” 

Through small changes to his outlook and lifestyle, Sam developed the courage to quit his job on a move of complete faith to become a fulltime speaker. Sam became convicted with the knowledge that our choices build momentum and move us in the direction of our dreams, bringing wealth, and inspiring fulfillment. Sam frequently speaks of how he had to “get busy living, or get busy dying,” a favorite line from the movie Shawshank Redemption. As Sam states, “The more I began to get busy living, the more I realized how dead I had been before. As my attitude, actions, thoughts, focus, beliefs and goals changes, my life and world began to change as well.” 

Today, Sam operates his highly successful speaking business, and has authored 15 books on attitude, character, failure, and more. Through it all, he has inspired millions with his simple, heartfelt stories, impacting people to make huge changes, with effects that trickle into all areas of life. 

Sam uses humor to illustrate even his darkest moments, leaving his audience in stitches, while delicately weaving a powerful message of principles. His themes involve working with the many facets of attitude, which, Sam believes, will make us more successful professionally and personally. As Sam states, “The right attitude advances us, promotes us, opens doors, and makes us healthier and happier.”

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