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Roger Crawford
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    Best–selling author and inspirational keynote speaker, Roger Crawford has helped more than 3,000 audiences turn the pessimism of “I can’t” into the unstoppable power of “I can.”

    His motivational presentations are a rare blend of real life experience, proven strategies, and actionable ideas that awaken untapped opportunities within your organization. He is a leading authority on developing human potential and breaking through self imposed limitations because he has lived it.

    Roger has learned that when you shift your focus from improving weaknesses to building on your unique strengths previously unseen possibilities emerge. He now inspires others to achieve their personal best by accepting what they cannot change and then skillfully playing the “hand we are dealt”. Many organizations have applied these principles to clarify their purpose, conquer change, and outperform their competition.

    Before he was on center stage he excelled on center court. Sports Illustrated calls Roger one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in history. His compelling story of how he became an NCAA Division 1 tennis champion demonstrates and communicates to others that choices matter more than circumstances. Roger Crawford will bring this unforgettable message to your audience that goes beyond motivational, it is transformational !

    How High Can You Bounce

    Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll be a lot more optimistic when things get back to normal.”? The truth is, what may have been successful yesterday may not be successful tomorrow. This powerful program teaches the attitudes and actions needed to bounce forward, equipped to conquer change and triumph over trials. Learn to bounce to new heights and achieve extraordinary results. With these proven success principles, it doesn’t mean you won’t get knocked down, but it does mean you won’t get knocked out!

    Playing From The Heart

    Most handicaps that prohibit us from reaching our potential are not seen, often they are self-imposed. These disabling limitations are frequently the negative beliefs held by an individual or an organization about their abilities and possibilities. This dynamic program provides the inspiration and strategies needed to blast through these perceived barriers with the strength of purpose, perspective, and perseverance. Audiences are equipped with a new tools and ways of thinking to unleash untapped possibility in your organization.

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