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Peter Johnson
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    Peter Johnson has years of experience in the high tech industry, with corporate background including IBM, GE, and Data General. 

    Dr. Peter Johnson is a seasoned veteran of the "High Tech" industry; his in-depth corporate background includes such companies as IBM, GE, McDonnell-Douglas and Data General. His extensive educational background totals more than nine years of college with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Business Management and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. As a professional speaker, his lectures are consistently the highest audience-rated programs on the International lecture circuit today. What dramatically enhances the unusually high audience response is the caliber and volume of tangible, practical take-home value. Peter Johnson is the only speaker we know that offers each and every member of the audience one full year of free telephone follow-up support as a professional courtesy ... at no charge ... with every program. 

    Twenty-six year veteran of the professional speaking and consulting industry, Dr. Pete has addressed more than two thousand audiences worldwide and consistently earns the audience’s highest ratings. Worked exclusively for the last six years under direct contract for the U.S. Army's advanced technology command working strategic plans for Homeland Defense. Corporate job experience and credentials include a long running information technology career with IBM, General Electric, Litton Industries, Data General and McDonnell-Douglas. Vietnam veteran with two tours of duty back in the 60s. Educational background includes degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business Management (MBA) and a PhD in Human Resource Development.

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  • Turning Change Into A Competitive Advantage
  • The Power of Execution
  • How to Do More With Less Resources
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