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Naheed Ali
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    Naheed Ali received a biology degree and later went on to earn his Medical Degree (MD) in 2008. He completed lifestyle medicine and nutrition training from Harvard Medical School in 2012, before graduating high honors with a PhD in holistic health in 2013. An experienced academic and general public speaker with well over 2000 hours of live lectures behind him, Dr. Ali began speaking and writing professionally as an undergrad in college, when he was published as the sole author of a high-impact academic journal article. For years, he taught at colleges where he lectured on biomedical topics--all while writing several medical books from a major publisher. His books can be found on the shelves in thousands of libraries across the globe.



    General Topics—For General Public

    “The Holistic Way” to Holistic Health

    The Corporate Wellness “Factor”

    “Diabesity”: Myth or Reality?

    The A, B, C’s of Alzheimer’s: A Three Step Process


    Advanced Topics—For Continuing Medical Education (CME), or other Healthcare Audience:

    Detailed Review Series: How Obesity Can Damage Organs Effect of Lung Cancer on Other Organs Damaging Effects of Neurological Disorders


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    Orange County, CA
  • “The Holistic Way” to Holistic Health
  • “Diabesity”: Myth or Reality?
  • E-M-P-O-W-E-R for Health
  • Punching Below: A Detailed Review of How Diabetes can Damage Organs
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