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Mark McGwire
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Mark McGwire is the first man to break the Roger Maris record of 61 home runs in a single season, which he did in 1998.

While he will always be remembered for that one season, McGwire should also be recognized for his amazing career.  In 1984, he played for the USA Olympic team and was soon drafted in the first round by the Oakland Athletics. He quickly moved through the minor leagues and was starting for the A’s by 1987. His rookie season was one of the most impressive rookie seasons ever, hitting 49 home runs, breaking Reggie Jackson’s team record for the A’s and setting the new record for most home runs by a rookie. He and Jose Canseco became known as the “Bash Brothers” and lead the A’s to a World Series championship in 1989.  By the end of his career, McGwire had hit 583 home runs, broke Babe Ruth’s record for the highest home run to at-bat ratio, and became the first player to ever have more RBI’s than hits in a single season.


Mark McGwire is also known for his active charity work. He donates $1 million every year to his foundation that helps abused children. He frequently plays in charity golf tournaments, has participated in multiple autograph charity auctions, and involves himself in other events and endorsements that help those in need.

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