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Lauren Hutton
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    Lauren Hutton has had a number of successes over the years as model, actress, TV persona, and activist. Model-turned-actress Lauren Hutton created the "supermodel" in the 1970s, being the first to exclusively be identified with a single cosmetics company -- in this case, Revlon. In the 1970s and 1980s, she appeared in a number of films, but has now turned back to modeling once more, as well as supporting a number of charitable causes.

    Twelve years ago Lauren Hutton developed a new kind of makeup that helped her to model into her forties. After seeing the difference this makeup made for her, as well as a handful of friends and family, Lauren decided to make it available for everyone. This was the start of Lauren Hutton Good Stuff. 

    "Cosmetic companies never really made makeup for women over 40 before because they didn't think we needed different stuff. As we age, our faces demand different makeup and different ways to put them on. When I went back to modeling, nobody knew how to deal with a 46 year old model! I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to work again. So, I studied my face and hit the mirror, mixing mortar and pestle until I found out what worked. Not only did I invent great makeup but I learned where to put it properly, because just as important as the makeup is how and where to put it" says Hutton. 

    Lauren Hutton not only offers the makeup she invented and has used the last twelve years, she gives all of her makeup tips learned from four decades of modeling, working with the best makeup artists from around the world. 

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    The Lauren Hutton Story
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