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Josh Ochs
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    With background in marketing at Disney and a love for all things technology, Josh Ochs combines both to advise businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to use social media to find new customers, nurture existing relationships and tie each campaign back to the bottom line. As the grassroots founder of MediaLeaders, the Social Media Strike team that manages Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn for over a dozen brands, and the MediaLeaders Academy, an online video training series, Josh is leading the industry with innovative and creative campaigns that blend traditional sales methods with new technology.
    Josh has worked with some of the best brands in the business, including running social media campaigns for Neutrogena skiniD, advising Palms Casino on web design as well as managing their Twitter Sweepstakes, and developing a social media formula for Emmis Communications (the 8th largest publicly traded radio company) to help their stations engage with users, grow more followers, and gather more website visits for advertisers. Josh prides himself in helping companies communicate their benefits to their audience while using social media to increase their bottom line. There’s no talk of “buzz” or “strategy” with Josh, instead he focuses on building tactical plans and measuring ROI.
    Before founding MediaLeaders, Josh started his career at Disney after graduating from the USC Marshall School of Business with a Bachelors in Marketing and Finance. Josh began working in brand marketing during the days of Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean. He later worked alongside best-selling leadership and strengths author Marcus Buckingham as his Manager of Marketing. Josh helped Buckingham turn his successful speeches into training products and videos.
    In 2009, Josh was nearly elected to city council, gaining 70% of the votes he needed to beat the incumbent Mayor by using his grassroots marketing techniques. It was with this experience that Josh first merged his traditional marketing techniques with new technology to communicate with voters. From here, he used new technology to launch an international social event company that now operates in over 15 cities, 4 countries, and 3 languages. His networking event startup still hosts quarterly events that unite thousands of marketing, advertising, and technology professionals from around the world.
    Josh frequently speaks at various events on topics ranging from social media marketing, to traditional marketing methods, to how to start and run your own business. He has been quoted and featured as a source in various media outlets, including Forbes and CBS News. When he’s not developing a new campaign, or testing out different marketing techniques, Josh can be found exploring his adventurous side surfing, sailing, or wakeboarding in Los Angeles, where he was born and raised.
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    What Josh's Clients Say About Him

    “Josh is a real pro, he is one of the few people who understand social media and, more importantly, he can explain it to others.” December 2011

    Rob Wynne, President, Wynne Communications


    “Our advertising HR group brought Josh in to speak about social media. We asked him to customize his presentation to address the needs of HR. Josh blew us away. In 45 minutes, he packed a tremendous amount of information in a concise and understandable message. He has boundless energy, fills up every inch of the room and yet can step back and listen thoughtfully to the questions and skillfully answer each one of our concerns. His passion for the social media landscape is obvious and he is a treasure to connect with.” September 2011

    Dyan Ullman, Human Resources/Office Manager, Fraser Communications

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  • 25 Things NOT to do on Social Media
  • Advanced Social Media Techniques
  • 15 Traditional Marketing Techniques That Will Supercharge Your Social Media Efforts
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