John Newcombe
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John Newcombe
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    John Newcombe is more than a tennis legend. He is an Australian icon, taking the world number one, a multiple at Wimbledon, and US and Australian Open champions.

    John Newcombe has been friends with US presidents and media tycoons. George Bush, Sr once described him as a 'black-belt beer drinker', and his son, George W had one too many with Newk on the night when George W got arrested for drunk driving. John Newcombe is also at home in the pub having a beer or three with his mates. He's a larrikin, but he is also a hugely successful businessman in his own right. He cares passionately about his family and his country. And in a sport where individualism, not to say outright self-centeredness, is the norm, he believes that playing in, or captaining a team in the Davis Cup is the greatest thing a tennis player can achieve. As a mentor and inspiration to many players, John Newcombe has been a crucial influence on the new generation of Australian champions.

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