Jeremy Geelan
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Jeremy Geelan
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  • Cloud Computing & Technology Expert
  • Internet CEO
  • Founding Editor
  • Cloud Computing Journal and Conference Chair
  • International Cloud Expo
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    Jeremy Geelan is a domain expert on the future of the future. As President & CEO of a firm overseeing a large collection of innovative websites and social applications - all of which reflect the fundamental importance of the Internet in 21st Century business, politics, education, entertainment and culture - his core values revolve around the guiding principle of co-intelligence: "None of us is as smart as all of us."

    Jeremy Geelan is the founding editor of several publications, including: Web 2.0 Journal, Social Computing Magazine, and Cloud Computing Journal - and has served (since its inception in 2009) as Conference Chair of the International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo series - widely acknowledged to be the largest Cloud Computing event in the world.

    Jeremy Geelan also writes profusely and speaks all over the world about the New Web and the trajectory of collaborative technology (Co-Technology) in the 21st century.

    Educated at Cambridge University and trained at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Jeremy Geelan's professional stock-in-trade is to anticipate and explore alternative social and technological futures, and - from among them - to pinpoint and then help showcase and evangelize only the most promising and productive alternatives.

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