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Jane Seymour
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    Jane Seymour is an award winning actress from movie, television, and Broadway, with her most noteable performance being that of Dr. Quinn. She also has talents for painting and has just made a debut into the fashion world.

    Seymour not only has a successful professional career, she's also a hands-on mother, keeping up with six children, and has been active in philanthropic endeavors here and abroad for over twenty years.Apart from her busy life of acting, producing, and painting, Seymour is also a dedicated activist for a number of charities...seeking to improve the desperate lot of many of the world's children. Seymour is the Honorary Chairperson for City Hearts, an organization that enriches the lives of abused children, inner-city children, and incarcerated delinquent youths, by teaching the performing arts, including painting, dancing and acting. She is ambassador for children's issues for the film world's charitable arm, Entertainment Industries Foundation/Permanent Charities.Actively involved in numerous charitable causes, Seymour works for Childhelp USA, a national organization dedicated to the research, treatment and prevention of child abuse, as International Ambassador. The organization's "Woman of the World" Award is one of many honors she has won for her social and charitable achievements. Seymour has also been involved with a number of other charity organizations, including UNICEF, City Hearts, and Make-A-Wish Foundation, and has recently been named to the Celebrity Cabinet of the American Red Cross.

    In addition, Seymour established herself as a successful author, publishing her first book, Jane Seymour's Guide to Romantic Living in 1986. She also teamed with her husband to write a series of exceedingly successful children's books entitled This One and That One inspired by her highly altered life since she gave birth to their twins in late 1995. Recently, Seymour has authored a book on twins, entitled Two at a Time: Having Twins. 

    Her talents as a watercolor and sketch artist led to the production of a series of greeting cards sold to support her charities. One of her watercolors is featured on a special Discover Card, raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Similarly for charity, she designed and painted a special edition bottle for Korbel Champagne.Seymour is also a fan of alternative medicine because of the amazing results it had upon her ailing father in his last days. Other family members have been positively influenced by alternative remedies as well, and Seymour herself has become an advocate for natural remedies. In fact, she and her husband, James, have recently been asked to serve on the advisory board of The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. 

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