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Jackie Freiberg
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  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Trends (the SheEconomy)
  • Engagement and Culture
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    Jackie is the co-author of four books, the international best seller, NUTS Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, the go to book on leadership, culture, service, and innovation. Their most recent book, NANOVATION is a global case study on “how to” innovate. BOOM! a book on leadership and accountability (necessary prerequisites to innovation), and GUTS! a deep dive into companies known as BEST places, where the BEST people can do their BEST work to make the world BETTER. 

    Jackie is recognized as one of the Top 30 Minds on Leadership and is one of the most sought after FEMALE business speakers in the nation.

    Jackie does her homework to customize the content for each event. She gets to know the issues that are most helpful and relevant to each audience/industry and designs each speech with that in mind.

    Client Testimonials:

    What an amazing message! Jackie, you hit it out of the parkKaiser Permanente

    Jackie was the best speaker this year. Lockheed Martin

    Jackie exceeded our expectations. She was fantastic as the lead for our Patient Experience retreat. As a result we are showing the highest scores ever. Thank you! Tampa General Hospital (#1 Hospital in Florida)

    You have given the world the greatest gift - generously sharing your passion and talents. Hearts and minds were opened, attitudes shifted, actions imagined, ideas formulated, risks taken. TEDxYouth San Diego

    Jackie’s message is still radiating throughout the organization. Navy Federal Credit Union

    “Jackie was terrific and flawless. She listened and played into the key points our audience wanted to hear. Our board loved her! We will definitely have her back for another event.” American Health Care Association & National Center for Assisted Living

    Thank you for listening, our committee shared a lot of ideas and you didn’t miss a thing! School Nutrition Association


    TEDx                                                                Navy Federal Credit Union

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield                            Prudential

    Bright Horizons                                               Radian

    Kaiser-Permanente                                       Sony

    Eli Lilly                                                               Tampa General Hospital

    Hallmark                                                           USAA

    Lockheed Martin                                              Victoria’s Secret

    McDonalds                                                       Wells Fargo



    ·        Public Speaking Coach to the Untied States Marine Corps Recruiting Office. Trained more than 1500 Marine Recruiters a year on the Fundamentals of Delivering a Winning Presentation. Semper Fi!

    ·        Member of the Southwest Airlines' Culture Committee. One of only two non-employee members invited to serve on the highly influential leadership committee

    ·        Executive Consultant, Center for Creative Leadership, provided feedback to executives participating in a five-day Leadership Development Program

    ·        Manager of Corporate and Professional Programs, University of San Diego's Executive Conference Center

    ·        Co-Founder USD's Family Business Institute

    ·        Founded USD's Certificate in International Business Program

    ·        Worked with Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company to design the first ever CD-ROM training tool for family-owned businesses and provided expert commentary on the complex issues facing family businesses

    ·        Director USD's Institute for Quality & Productivity

    ·        Professor; teaches leadership, public speaking, and communications courses as an adjunct professor

    ·        HR Specialist, College Recruiter and Employee Communications Manager, NCR Corporation

    ·        Doctorate degree, Leadership, University of San Diego

    ·        Master's degree, Communication, San Diego State University

    ·        Bachelor's degree, Communication, University of New Hampshire


    Adjunct Faculty, The University of San Diego: Jackie teaches a graduate level course on Women & Leadership for the School of Leadership and Education Sciences and graduate level Presentations Skills for The Masters in Non-Profit Leadership & Management.

    Lead Faculty, The University of San Diego: TrailBlazers2ChangeMakers, a one-week program for High School Students designed to equip them with the tools and strategies for building a Stand-Out Leadership Brand.

    Most important! Jackie is the Freiberg family anchor. She is the chief choreographer and lead in coordinating the schedules of their three children. Jackie skis, cycles, runs and works out hard to keep healthy. She and Kevin have been working, parenting, writing, speaking, traveling, living and married for more than 27 years.



    Leadership is a Choice: How to Create a Stand-Out Leadership Brand

    Leaders shape culture, which in turn, shapes performance and determines the ultimate financial condition of your business. Leadership is a choice, not a position. If we got rid of your title would people still follow you?

    In this keynote Dr. Freiberg unpacks the character strengths of great leaders and shows you how these strengths play out in some of the world’s most revolutionary companies. Her objective is to help you dramatically accelerate the development of leaders at every level within your company.

    Dr. Freiberg wants to help you grow leaders who can engage and inspire others; leaders who have the GUTS to move your organization in bold new directions.


    Accelerate Innovation: Notice, Lead, Disrupt

    1. NOTICE the problem; open our eyes to the opportunities before us.
    2. LEAD others to notice, lift off the blinders; expose others to what you see.
    3. DISRUPT the status quo; collaborate to find new and innovative solutions, change the things that don’t seem right. 

    Dr. Freiberg will equip people with the tools they need to accelerate INNOVATION, and layout the preconditions leaders must create to make innovation a way of life—a deeply embedded part of their cultural DNA. Learn what the best leaders do to inspire ingenuity and unleash imagination—to create a place that is perpetually loaded with fresh ideas.


    Trends, The $20 Trillion Economy: Who is SHE, and How to Market & Serve HER.

    Dr. Jackie Freiberg calls all business leaders to discover what is at the intersection of some very powerful “NEED to KNOW” global trends. In this keynote Dr. Freiberg unveils a huge market opportunity that is under-represented, misunderstood and often times ignored.

    Businesses are leaving millions of dollars on the table because they do not take HER seriously and they do not fully understand what SHE wants and needs. Dr. Freiberg will help you and your team better understand the strength of HER purchasing power; the industries that are failing HER miserably; and what some truly innovative businesses are doing to better serve HER.

    Do not ignore HER, SHE is a force to know, understand and represent wisely. HER power is multi-generational! SHE is a BOOMER, an X & a Y with unique wants and needs.

    Businesses and leaders that lift off the blinders and carefully mine these global trends to better serve the SheEconomy will likely gain three very loyal and extremely profitable consumer demographics for years to come.


    • Global trends worth trillions, revealed and exposed;

    • How to look beyond the trends to find the untapped opportunity;

    • Who serves HER well and who is failing miserably;

    • How to lead, notice and disrupt to create SheEconomy service innovations;

    • Examples of businesses that have gained HER brand loyalty and how;

    •  A clear understanding of how AND why Boomer-SHE, X-SHE, and Y-SHE make purchasing decisions.


    Engagement & Culture: Creating a BEST, BEST, BEST, BETTER Workplace

    Does your company have a reputation for being the BEST PLACE, where the BEST PEOPLE, can do their BEST WORK, to make the World BETTER?

    Jackie will advise leaders on what it takes to create a place where impassioned people come to work fully awake, fully engaged and committed to driving growth.

    Dr. Freiberg will unpack the success stories of companies like Southwest Airlines’ crazy, yet very purposeful recipe for creating one of the most productive workforces in the world with 40 years of profitability. The greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation boasts a culture where 46,000+ people are fully committed and inspired to achieve extremely high productivity, service, safety and financial objectives. She will show you exciting, behind-the-scenes looks into many other U.S. & globally recognized brands that will help you create a blueprint for engagement and success in your business.



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  • Leadership is a Choice: How to Create a Stand-Out Leadership Brand
  • Accelerate Innovation: Notice, Lead, Disrupt
  • Trends, The $20 Trillion Economy: Who is SHE, and How to Market & Serve HER
  • Engagement & Culture: Creating a BEST, BEST, BEST, BETTER Workplace
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