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Gregg Ledermann
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    Gregg Lederman is known as the “Brand Integrity Guy.” After attending one of his presentations, you'll know why! It only takes minutes with Gregg to realize this unforgettable expert has solved the mystery to engaging employees and delivering a more profitable customer experience.

    Participants who attend Gregg’s interactive presentations and workshops, delivered to associations as well as at corporate and university conferences, consistently rate him among the very best of speakers. More than 85 percent of Gregg's bookings are repeat hires by delighted clients. For example, AMA President, Peter Piusz had this to say: "We just had the most dynamic speaker! Gregg Lederman challenged our audience to think about their business in new ways and captured their hearts with buckets of takeaway value relevant to their business. He is one of the highest audience-rated speakers we've ever had.”

    Gregg's two-time award-winning book, Achieve Brand Integrity: Ten Truths You Must Know to Enhance Employee Performance and Increase Company Profits, and his trademark Achieving Brand Integrity® Model have been used by corporations across the U.S. to integrate their company brand into employee performance systems from hiring and customer service training to employee recognition and performance evaluations.

    Driven by a relentless desire to help as many people as possible "Live the Brand," Gregg has made it his personal mission to dramatically improve people’s lives by positively enhancing work cultures and the customer experience while increasing the company's profitability. His work, along with the work of his team at Brand Integrity Inc., where he is currently the Managing Partner, has helped many of today's "best places to work” companies such as Wegmans Food Markets, Erickson Retirement Communities, and the American Red Cross close the gap between their business strategies and the employee behaviors needed to bring those strategies to life.

    Gregg received his MBA from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, where he has been a professor teaching the Achieving Brand Integrity methodology since 2003. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association. Gregg resides in Rochester, NY, with his wife and three daughters. 



    Based on Gregg's NEW book: Engaged!: Outbehave Your  Competition to Create Customers for Life

    Think about the companies you love to do business with.  What’s ​their secret? These companies have cracked the code to ​successfully reaching ENGAGED status with employees and customers. What does ENGAGED mean? According to experience management expert, Gregg Lederman, an engaged workforce is made up of employees who are committed and motivated to act in the best interest of a company. Engaged customers fall in love with the company, are more loyal, proactively tell others about it, and buy more products and services.

    Does your company have what it takes to engage employees and customers?

    In this highly interactive presentation, Gregg takes audiences on a journey through the “Eight Principles of ENGAGED!” that today’s best-in-class companies use to engage employees and create more and loyal customers. Using real-life case studies from real business leaders, Gregg teaches how to use these same principles …

    The Eight Principles of ENGAGED!
    1. Get Every Employee On Stage, Delivering The Experience For Customers
    2. Make Happy Employees To Create Engaged Customers
    3. Don’t Just Announce Your Culture, Make It Visible
    4. Sprint From Culture Talk To Culture Change
    5. Quantify Your Culture To Turn Common Sense Into Common Practice
    6. Any Monkey Can Survey, Start Building Relationships With Customers
    7. Put The Carrots Away, Rewards Don’t Work The Way You Think They Do
    8. Manage The Experience To Build Trust In You As A Leader

    With an unmatched passion for measuring customer and employee experiences, Gregg demonstrates unique and incredibly powerful—yet simple—ways to earn your customers’ love. 

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