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Glen Hiemstra
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Glen Hiemstra has been one of the most profound and experienced futurists for two decades.

Those who hire him are looking for an engaging program on the long range future for their business, conference, enterprise, or community. They are seeking a program that has a lasting impact. They are seeking a program that changes things for the better. They are seeking a response like this one from an audience member in 2003:

"This is the most excited I have felt about the future since [I heard] Gene Roddenbury way back in graduate school."

What kinds of clients have experienced impacts like this? Examples include Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Attachmate, Boeing, Northern Telecom, Burlington Northern, Weyerhaeuser, Hewlett Packard, Regence, Premera, U.S./Mexico JWC, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle Sonics & Storm, Wonderware, Ernst & Young, PaineWebber, APAX Partners, Costa Rica Hotel Association, and Tulsa 2025. Television projects include Technical Advisor to Steven Bochco Productions for the development of a pilot set in the year 2069, and advising Universal Pictures on the new CBS series, Century City, set in the year 2053.

Glen is the co-author of Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future, and is an expert in Preferred Future Planning. Prior to going into business in 1987, Glen was an award-winning educator, selected Most Influential Professor at WhitworthCollege. Glen is a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington, which works on virtual and augmented reality technology.

Here at, you can read Glen's newsletter, FuturistNews, along with a wide variety of information about the future. Glen is often cited as a resource for articles about the future, for example in Scenario & Strategy Planning, The Futurist, the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, the Los Angeles Times, and the Detroit Free Press.

The way it not the way it will be. Glen's presentations offer insight into surprising developments shaping the 21st Century, and then go beyond that to the deeper challenge of understanding our new world and creating our preferred future. The hallmark of Glen's speaking is the dynamic connection he makes with his audience. His message is clear and heartfelt. His style is crisp, warm and engaging. People feel hope and begin to move in new directions, as a lasting impact is created which goes far beyond the initial experience.

Glen was educated at Whitworth College, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington. Glen lives in Kirkland,WA with his wife Tracie. Three college age and adult kids drop in from time to time

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