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Dr. Jeffrey L. Boone
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Heart Health and Wellness
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After three decades in preventive medicine, Dr. Boone is within reach of his career long goal to eradicate heart disease and stroke within his lifetime.  “We can now detect and aggressively treat cardiovascular disease before the patient even knows anything is wrong,” he says.  “Now our task is to bring these breakthroughs out of research labs and into everyday clinics.”  Dr. Boone has lectured about his unique approach to heart attack prevention, as well as the effects of mental stress on the heart, to audiences on four continents in twelve countries and in forty-seven of the United States.  His energy, humor and rare gift for making complex medical concepts easy to understand have made him extremely popular with audiences.
Named one of Men’s Health Magazine’s 160 Top Doctors for Men in 2007 and listed as one of the 17 Top Cardiovascular Doctors in America, Dr. Boone is an internationally recognized expert on the effects of mental stress on the heart.  This expertise has led to work as a Consultant in Preventive Cardiology for the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.  In addition, Dr. Boone is a member of the NFL’s Cardiovascular Committee and the National Co-Director of the NFL Alumni Association’s Cardiovascular Screening Program, which is investigating the cardiovascular health of former NFL players.
Dr. Boone’s vision has always included making his preventive methods available to everyone, rather than just the elite.  Working with employers and government agencies, Dr. Boone and his medical team have screened numerous corporations and municipalities for cardiovascular risk over the past five years, seeking to find problems before they affect the individual’s health and productivity.  Furthermore, his BraveHeart Firefighter Program, established in 2005, has become a staple of many Colorado fire departments’ annual physical examinations, as over half of on-duty deaths in this high intensity occupation occur due to heart attack.

All of this success has come without any systemic support for prevention, a problem not unique to the cardiovascular world.  “Oncologists are great at treating cancer with radiation and chemotherapy,” says Dr. Boone.  “But they are not trained to prevent it.  Likewise, cardiologists are immensely skilled at performing life saving operations.  But much of our work as health care professionals should be performed years before the patient ever sees an operating table.”

Dr. Boone believes that the problem with healthcare in this country is that it is not focused on health.  “Our current health care system is based on failure,” says Dr. Boone.  “Hospitals profit from performing expensive bypass surgeries.  Most doctors are trained to react to crises, rather than prevent them.  We can detect and treat many diseases far earlier than we currently do, but there is no incentive currently in place to do so.”  Hopefully, with progressive thinkers like Dr. Boone working on the front lines of health care, health can again become the heart of the matter.

You Should Never Have a Heart Attack

In this program, Jeffrey L. Boone, M.D, will present his plan to eradicate the number one killer of Americans: heart disease and stroke. His gift for illustrating complex medical concepts with real-world stories, analogies, and jokes makes this presentation far from the average health care seminar. Through the lens of prevention, Dr. Boone also provides his unique view of on the state of health care.

Do you know how old your arteries are? As Dr. Boone speaks, Boone Heart Institute technicians will be putting his preventive concepts into practice. The Carotid IMT test is a painless, 15-minute ultrasound exam that evaluates your risk for heart attack and stroke, without risk or side effects. We want to make sure your cardiovascular system is not over the hill before you are.

Within a week, your results will arrive, containing personalized recommendations from Dr. Boone, as well as a comparison between your age and the “age” of your arteries. Once you receive your personalized Heart Health Evaluation, Dr. Boone’s words will resonate with you even more.

With this personalized Heart Health Evaluation and the information learned at Dr. Boone’s presentation, you will now be empowered with the ability to take control of your health and your future.


Under Pressure
The Cardiovascular Effects of Mental Stress

Most heart attacks occur during times of stress. Blood clots faster during stress, a survival mechanism developed to survive tomahawks and saber tooth tigers. But most of modern man’s stresses occur in slightly different situations. Making budgets. Giving presentations. Paying bills. During these stressful times, your survival mechanism can turn against you, leading to the number one killers of Americans today: heart attacks and strokes.
Jeffrey L. Boone, MD, is an internationally recognized expert on the effects of mental stress on the heart. He has worked extensively with professional athletes, firefighters, police officers, and other high intensity populations to ensure their safety and manage their risk. And now he can bring that expertise to you.

The Under Pressure Program is an interactive family event designed to educate audiences on the various ways we react to stress. After a brief introduction and overview from Dr. Boone, participants will enter the Stress Lab, custom designed to replicate your everyday stresses. You can play a hand of blackjack while we measure your body’s stress response, or see your blood pressure rise as you shred a solo in Guitar Hero!

The information you gain from these entertaining activities will prove invaluable as you take control of your health in the future. And who knows? You might not be as cool headed as you think!

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  • You Should Never Have a Heart Attack
  • Under Pressure: The Cardiovascular Effects of Mental Stress
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