Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry
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Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry
Key Topics:
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change
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    Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry seamlessly blends cutting edge research and personal stories from the world of sports and business as he teaches audiences the principles of emotional intelligence (EI) and high performance, inspiring and challenging them to take their careers, businesses and personal lives to the next level.

    JP is a unique combination of thought leader, entrepreneur, former business school lecturer, and performance coach to both Olympic athletes and business leaders. An expert in emotional intelligence, he is one of the world’s most highly sought-after speakers on the topic. JP brings something different to the table from most speakers: research-based content and straightforward application that makes learning stick in order to drive the behaviors that improve the metrics your organization cares about. He has received acclaim for his work in personal leadership with sales organizations and at leadership retreats and seminars across the world, reaching audiences in places such as England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Central and South America, India and Australia.

    JP co-founded and has grown the Institute for Health and Human Potential into a successful multi-national business which provides in addition to Keynotes; enterprise wide EI Training, EI Assessments and Coaching.

    JP trained at Queen's University, Harvard Medical School’s Mind Body Medical Institute, and the Stress Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. With his trademark passion, energy and humor, JP delivers transformational programs focused on EI performance and leadership to the business community.

    What are our clients saying about JP?

    “I do not say this lightly – the most powerful keynote I have ever heard. JP was charged with setting the tone for the rest of the week. He clearly over-delivered!” Pfizer

    "Dr. Pawliw-Fry is impassioned and enthusiastic." Kellogg Graduate School of Management

    "Best keynote presentation I have been to in years! Very different than the usual: extremely interesting and powerful - yet highly entertaining. It is not often I hear someone who can really 'put it together.'" Ernst & Young

    "Awesome presentation! This will change my life. Thank you for all of your passion, enthusiasm and integrity and for making this our best meeting ever!" Merck

    "Fantastic! Very leading edge thinking. JP has huge energy and passion. Our leadership team couldn't get enough of him - I could listen to him all day!" IBM

    "Simply the best program we have ever heard - critical information that will make a difference." US Navy

    Keynote Topics

    Leadership Reputation
    "It can take 20 years to build a good reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about it that way, you will do things differently."~ Warren Buffet

    A 2010 study by CLC showed that "senior leader reputation can drive employee commitment by as much as 41%." A solid Leadership Reputation has an extraordinary effect on the amount of trust, credibility, respect, and ultimately on the influence one has with others, regardless of their title, role, or responsibility. This influence allows them to do more with less and to do it with more speed, efficiency and support. This is precisely what is required to ensure people follow their lead through periods of complexity, change and uncertainty that is increasingly becoming the reality of today.

    This is never more evident than when we consider a leader with a negative or low-standing reputation, such as being thought of as dictatorial, self-centric, controlling and overbearing, or untrustworthy. Instead of an asset, this negative reputation places a hidden "tax" on every transaction they engage in - every conversation, decision, suggestion, or request they make. The associated cost of this tax is that people will take more time and energy to assess and evaluate the situation and request before taking action, differently than if it came from a leader with a good reputation.

    In this new and thought-provoking keynote, the 4 Dimensions of Leadership Reputation are explored:

    · The Sphere of Influence and how it affects your external reputation while being driven by...
    · Your internal reputation. What's your internal talk and what is making you approach or avoid difficult situations
    · Leading others with both heart and edge in order to drive the best results
    · And discovering the balancing act for all of the above in order to drive your leadership reputation

    Redefining Leadership
    Many factors have been attributed to great leadership. In this riveting keynote, you'll discover the secrets of the best! Your leaders will learn key strategies to move their teams to the next level in spite of the great change and challenge they experience on a daily basis. You will discover why Emotional Intelligence is the single greatest driver not only of effective leadership, but of performance at all levels of an organization. It is an organizations’ collective level of Personal Leadership that will allow you to outperform the competition.

    Participants Will Learn:
    · The 2 key reasons individuals get promoted and achieve results
    · Why smart people fail. The brain science behind high performance
    · That emotions are infectious - as a leader you have the power to unleash the best performance in your people to  sabotage it
    · Why Emotional Intelligence counts for more than IQ for leadership performance

    Emotional Intelligence and Being Your Best When it Matters Most
    Working in a high pressure environment puts enormous strain on individuals - especially those who are leading teams in high change, high expectation environments. It can cause good people to have impact they don't intend. It can sabotage an individual's performance and well-being and negatively influence their leadership impact.

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    In this powerful program, individuals are going to learn cutting edge research into performance and leadership in order to shape their reality in the midst of change and pressure. They will gain both deep insight and specific tools to lead in the midst of pressure and difficult situations.

    In this highly interactive session, your team (or audience) will learn how to grow their careers and themselves in order to contribute to the business and their people in a more significant way. They will leave with a renewed sense of energy and confidence, a greater sense of "what's possible" and the real tools to get them there.

    All Change is Personal
    In any economy, and especially in a shaky economy, leaders and managers face the unenviable task of trying to get their organizations to change. It is not easy. In fact, it is near impossible. Two of three change efforts fail. They do not fail because leaders do not follow the script or the game plan; they fail because organizations and leaders do not understand that all change is personal.

    Participants Will Learn:
    · Based on original research, you will learn:
    · Why change is critical to your organization's ability to adapt, innovate and remain viable, especially in a shaky economy
    · Why the best thought out plan for change is doomed from the start
    · Why the brain is at the center of 'why change is personal' and stops people from taking the necessary risk to change when confronted with uncertainty and adversity
    · Specific tools that will help you make change happen more effectively the very next day

    This keynote is helpful for any level of leader and non-leader alike who is going through the challenge of change. Your team will learn deep insights into how to make change more successful and leave energized and inspired!

    The Olympic Edge
    Is your team up to the Olympic standards? Do they want to play at the highest levels in the world? Do they know the secret?

    In this Olympic year, challenge your team to get to the next level of performance with a riveting keynote from someone who knows what it takes to win at the Olympics. Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry offers something truly different - knowledge of the secret that allows some individuals to get to the highest level of performance and the ability to deliver this message in a way that leaves audiences wanting more.

    He has coached athletes to Olympic glory and taught leadership executives at the number one ranked executive education programs in the world (Northwestern's Kellog Graduate School of Management). In other words, he studies athletes and business people at the highest levels of success and delivers a message that incorporates the best of both worlds to help your team achieve your own Olympic victory.

    In this powerful keynote, your team will discover:
    · The one thing that differentiates Olympic winning performance from the average
    · How to adapt the mind-set that characterizes success at the highest levels
    · How to manage the need for results and the pressure of time to perform at the highest levels more consistently
    · How to build 'team', the most overlooked part of the equation
    · How to create habits of excellence that your team can use the very next day, so that they can perform under pressure and win!

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