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Dan Issel
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    Dan Issel has a wide range of experience in many industries, and shares his tips and tools for success with everyone he meets.

    Dan went on to a long and wonderful fifteen-year career of playing professional basketball in the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association. He is among the top 10 leading scorers in NBA history and holds a special spot in the NBA's Hall of Fame. One of Dan's basketball honors that he is most proud of truly demonstrates his work ethic. He only missed 24 games in all fifteen years due to injury or illness. As the author of Parting Shots, Dan shared his experience as a professional athlete.

    Dan has owned a thoroughbred farm in Kentucky and many stakes winning racehorses. He has worked for Fox Sports and NBC television as a commentator for many sporting events including the Kentucky Derby. Dan has owned several companies and participated in day-to-day management as well.

    Most recently Dan was the head coach and general manager of the Denver Nuggets. He celebrated a very successful year in 1994 taking the team to the second round of the NBA playoffs. That year was the first time in NBA history that a number eight-seeded team beat the number one seeded team in the region when Dan's Nuggets beat the Seattle Sonics. He made a profound impact on the skills and attitude of many young basketball players.

    Currently, Dan is enjoying presenting the lessons learned through his experience with stories and humor to corporations, associations, and other organizations. Through his new career as a full time speaker, Dan can present many different leadership and management topics. He also enjoys acting as a master of ceremonies for many events and meeting his fans through public appearances.

    Dan celebrates his family life with his wife Cheri, daughter Sheridan, son-in-law Rick, son Scott and his most recent pride and joy - his grandson Benjamin.  

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