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Curt Tueffert
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Customer Service
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Curt is considered “America’s Master Sales Motivator” due to his high energy, enthusiastic audience presence, and knowledge of sales motivation. He understands that motivation and knowledge can be combined to create the outcomes required to be successful.  He communicates a balance that gives people the right tools to get and stay motivated. 

Professionally, he has spent 20 years in sales.  From building teams from the ground up, to Vice President of Sales of Houston’s top computer integrator, he has been around the block.  He has created successful teams, marketing programs, and exceeded sales goals as a professional

He is also a professor at the University of Houston, were he teaches Advanced Professional Selling and Introduction To Sales.  The Excellence In Selling program is the #1 program in the U.S.  Many universities and colleges are beginning to offer a structured track on selling and are using the ideas and courses from the U of H program as a model. 

Personally, he is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) with Target Training International.  His study of sales and human behavior provides a strong foundation for his Leadership, Motivation, and Sales presentations.  He is the author of 201 Sales Motivators, a collection of quotes and short editorials designed to inspire and motivate sales professionals.  His second book, 5 Stones For Slaying Giants is also a huge success. Many of his written articles have appeared in newspapers and corporate newsletters such as Selling Power, Sales & Marketing Magazine, and Houston Business Journal.

Audiences across America come away with new ideas, new tools, and a new level of energy after hearing Curt speak.  His messages on Leadership, Motivation, Customer Satisfaction, and Sales are offered in keynote, workshop, and seminar packages.  When looking for real world experience and real world ideas, Curt delivers! Hear it yourself!

Why The Name Brick Wall Motivation?

While working with a 11 yr. old boy, I noticed he had a difficult time doing math. I gave him the analogy that there was a brick wall between him and the solution to the math problem. I kept asking him, "who put that brick wall there?" He kept putting up those bricks of doubt and fear, until each problem was too difficult to solve. We then found ways to remove that brick wall. The same can be applied to sales, motivation, team building, employee development, and career development. Brick Wall Motivation is all about moving away from something and toward something else by breaking these walls that prevent us from taking action.

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5 Stones for Slaying Giants
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