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Brian Holloway
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    A STANFORD All-American and 5 time NFL ALL-PRO, BRIAN HOLLOWAY, excelled as the SUPER BOWL XX TEAM captain of the 1985 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. In 1986, at age 26, Holloway as Vice Presidentof the NFL Players, was one of the principal architects of the NFL's growth strategy that produced alandmark $1.8 Billion TV contract in 1998.


    As AMERICA’S #1 most requested motivational speaker, Brian has been hired by 325 Fortune 500 companies. His clients include Apple, Wal-Mart, HP, Honeywell, Bank of America, The White House, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, State Farm, Ford, Reebok, The Million Dollar Round Table to name a few. 


    Brian has been a featured guest lecturer at all of the prestigious Universities, including HARVARD'S BUSINESS SCHOOL, STANFORD, YALE, PRINCETON, BROWN, BOSTON COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, USC, NOTRE DAME, NORTH CAROLINA, MARYLAND and many more.


    BILLION DOLLARS MEDIA GIANTS CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN called on HOLLOWAY, for high level new SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and BRAND DEVELOPMENT in the Billion Dollar industry of professional sports and celebrity entertainment.



    "So much for the dumb jock theory, Brian has comprehensive and extensive business

    knowledge and the passionate resolve as a no-nonsense leader. The impact on our

    organization was immeasurable. It will be felt for decades."


    Wall Street Hedge Fund Partner

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  • The Passion of the Playmaker
  • Dynasty Crafting: The Power of Championship Teams
  • Win the Customer Experience
  • Overcome Adversity- How to Win When It Matters The Most
  • Sales: Total Team Allignment To Market Domination (The DNA)
  • Shock & Awe: The Attack
  • The Warroom: 17 Secrets to Winning
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