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Art Holst
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    A long career in business, sports, civic affairs and politics forms the foundation of Art Holst's keynote presentations and seminars. Central to this experience are his fifteen years as an umpire in the National Football League, a position which gives him a unique perspective and skill set when it comes to understanding competition, teamwork, and leadership. His presentations, which he describes as being like a journey specially tailored to the interests of his audiences, combine insights, anecdotes, and humor to motive people toward their own highest personal and professional goals, echoing Holst's central theme, "The Challenge of Excellence."

    What goes into an Art Holst presentation? A highly targeted, motivational message interspersed with NFL football anecdotes and good clean humor. One of his favorite themes is "The Challenge of Excellence," drawn from his personal experiences during his long career in business, sports and civic affairs.

    His presentations are tailored to your needs, whether kickoff, wind-up or seminar. Versatility is a "trademark" as he talks about handling change, problem solving, discipline, teamwork, communicating effectively and how to laugh at yourself. When Art speaks, people listen, laugh, and leave with new expectations, and with the desire to put their talents to work, both on the job and in their personal lives.

    Art's Philosophy: 

    Every speech is a journey - a journey for the audience and a journey for the speaker. For the audience, the journey may be headed in a specific direction, or it can be rather obscure and vague, with the eventual outcome uncertain. The speaker should know in advance the roadway he or she expects to take, and where he or she wants to be when the journey ends. The speaker should be keenly aware of the material to be covered, time available for the "trip," and most importantly, the vehicle he or she will use to escort the audience to its destination. This metaphor deals with what I feel is the most important part of this journey: the vehicle or combination of vehicles to be used along the way. A speech, like a trip, is best when it is exciting and interesting, as well as informative. And, in order for the trip to be all those things it must be well-planned. As a platform professional with more than 3,500 paid appearances, the vehicles I use to take my audience on our journey together are clean humor, football stories based on my 15 years from my life as a National Football League official, and appropriate anecdotes from my life as a business and family man. I also use some poetry in my presentations. It is this combination of vehicles that I employ to take my audience along with me on a journey that will, I hope, lead my audience to a place of new understanding and inspiration.

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